Closet Mirror by T. Phan

by Vanessa

Everyday I wake up to you
In almost every way I know that you are the truth
I see you inside the closet mirror
I see you beyond your inferior
You were never beautiful
You are almost pitiful

These eyes of mine
They can see every slope and every line;
The little flaws you wish nobody would notice
Your little smile–all bogus
But it doesn’t matter,
Cause my opinion will never be a flatter

I know you too well
We share the same feature and spiritless shell
You know, you can only live through me
But what’s the difference–it’s not like I was ever free
I wish I could live in your 2-dimension
At least you need not deceive through pretension
Sometimes I would give up this life and maybe more
To live inside your world beyond the closet door

You have the best personality
You smile and cry exactly like me
Then why is it that I cannot love you
It is quite simple but I cannot think it through
Perhaps I could not find a way to forgive you
But there is nothing you can do
Because you are the spectator on the other side
You could shed tears but you can’t feel how it’s like to cry
You are only my reflection
Myself in the other direction