Emphasis by Darrol Durant

by Vanessa

That very last moment when my mom closed her eyes
I realized for the first time
A Mother’s love never dies
A Mother’s love it lingers
Like the sweet smell of biscuits in the oven
Cornbread, molasses, macaroni & cheese and everything
else Southern
But a Mother’s love also lingers in all of her
The wisdom she spoke and all of its EMPHASIS
The irony of being bred and molded
Not just the stories she told
But by the way that she told it
And how they unfolded
Even the times when I got scolded

So today we are gonna have a discussion about EMPHASIS
When we EMPHASIZE anything-that or this
Does it really make a Dif-fer-ence?
The definition of EMPHASIS
According to Webster’s unabridged is this
When we focus or stress a said logical topic
And move iT from micro to macroscopic

When we EMPHASIZE, we energize our innermind
To identify the questions
And to begin try and find out all the reasons why
For example, my Pops has always been one of those good
Loved his family dearly
And always stood by us
He always EMPHASIZED enterprise
He’d also say if you wanna know a man
Look in his eyes
‘Cause even with the most eloquent lies
Its hard to disguise what’s in your eyes
‘Cause your eyes are the window to the soul
And he’d EMPHASIZE this in different ways
And with the different stories that he told
But my Mom, she was a little different
She’d EMPHASIZE that we should empathize
You should have a heart to help
If you have a mouth to critcize
She’d EMPHASIZE that we empathize and sympathize
Put ourselves in the next man’s shoes
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
As a matter of fact, she proved to me that the Golden
Rule was true

Some of you may have known her
And some of you may have not
But whether you’re a have or a have-not
She’s taught us that we all have a lot
If we EMPHASIZE on God, family, friends, health, and
Then each chapter can be recaptured
And we’ll all live happily ever after