For The Little Traveler by Liana Herbertson

by Vanessa

In a moment you will be here.
You will open your ancient eyes
and you will change their lives.

You will pretend you know nothing,
that you cannot speak or walk
or raise your head alone,
and they will take you up into their hearts.
They will put down their coverings,
they will drop their weapons and sadnesses.
They will even pull down the ancient walls-
not one brick will they leave upon another-
so they can come to you.

And you will accomplish everything in them
for they will give for you
all they could not give of their own accord.
They will look at you
and forget the distance they have come.
They will look at you
and suddenly they will see each other.

Now you hear their call
and turn your tiny face to earth.
For you it is the beginning of time,
this priceless moment on the planet of hope.
For them it is the beginning of the world