The Way I Want To Be Friends by Becky Birtha

by Vanessa

Can we touch each other more, please?
can we have our fill of hugs everyday,
fill each other’s arms again and again

Can we let our bare arms brush against each other’s
and our knees bump, with no apologies
squeeze close together in small spaces
can we tickle and tumble and remember play
giggle and stop with a head plopped in an open lap

Can we braid each other’s hair
sprinkle each other’s feet
spread each other’s backs with pungent oils
slip the rings from finger to finger
fasten the clasp at the neck’s nape
wrap each others heads in wide, woven bands

Can we spend the day together
laugh and lean against one another
catch hands in the sunlight and leave them linked
and swinging in the rhythm of our matching stride

Can we spend the night together
and not end up ex-lovers
can we cuddle close on a blanket under the stars
and tell each other stories, sing each other songs
lie long in one another’s arms
holding, holding through the dark

Can we touch each other more please
can we fill each other’s lives
can we fill each other
again and again and again?